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Personal data

Medical:         JAA Class 1                                 
Excellent, Non-Smoker                       
March 8th, 1979                                 
Professional Pilot Training Program              
  Norwegian (EU Passport and US GreenCard/Resident Card)                             
  English (Level 6), Norwegian (fluent) & German (Some)



At 35 years old I am working with Norwegian Airline, one of Europes biggest low cost operators. Here I am flying state of the art aircrafts currently B787-8 which is an amazing aircraft. Prior to this job I was working with charter airline Primera where I was operating the B737 and before this I worked at Caribbean Airlines operating in North/South America & Caribbean with ETOPS operations, due low demand for pilots at airBaltic (AB) where I was employed since spring 2010.I have taken short contracts with various airlines from winter 2010 to summer 2011 and spring 2012 to summer 2012. Prior AB I worked for Jordan Aviation flying to various destinations in Africa, Middle east & Europe. Operations in especially Africa required me to take difficult decisions and in many occasion I had to do the job in all part of operations from fuelling, filing of flight plan, load and trim, acquire wx reports, planning routes, preparing other flight crew for special procedures etc. In 2007-2009 I worked with Jet Airways (JA). With JA I gained valuable experience with extreme weather conditions during India’s monsoon. In JA I was flying to various locations in India.

I now have been flying a mixed fleet and reached a total time of approximately 3700 hrs TT and 3400+ hrs on the varied fleet from 737-300/400/500/700/800/900. One of the reasons that I would like to join a new company is that I would love to be a part of a company that can offer new opportunities, and I do believe I would be a valuable asset for your company.

A short brief of my history prior to this job I had a summer job as an air taxi pilot in Karlog Air Aps which I started short after my graduation at Norwegian Aviation College in Bardufoss, April 2006. I now hold a Airline Transport Pilot Licence with Multi-Engine Instrument privileges and an Aerobatic Rating. I will have logged a total time of 3900+ (3700 flight hrs) hours including advanced multi-crew training on a FNPT-2 Ascent Simulator through the Multi-Crew Cooperation Course and type rating on the B737 CL/NG. I excelled at my CAA Airline Transport Pilot Theory Examinations having achieved an average grade of 95.9% on all fifteen examinations including Morse on first attempt.

I am a mature individual with earlier studies as a Business Economist from BI Norwegian School of Management. I have experience as a professional in the business industry having exhibited strong leadership and communication skills as a Customer Consultant with Faktab AS in Oslo, Norway. Prior to that I was promoted to Customer Manager with Intrum Justitia AS gaining valuable customer service and initiative skills. I am a dedicated employee that works well with others and accepts positions of leadership when opportunities arise.

I consistently maintain a strong work ethic and positive attitude coupled with a safe and professional approach to all aspects of flight operations.

As for hobbies and social activities I like windsurfing, scuba diving, rafting, travelling, track & field (one of the best in 100 m in Norway at the age of 19). By having a good health I keep myself from being away from work. I have also been active in activating youth and worked as a youth leader in a voluntary organization, which gives me good interaction with all kinds of people.

I do belive that Luck is when preparations meet opportunities

If you give me the opportunity I will give you Luck.




Copyright 2013 © Jan Tønnessen. All rights reserved.

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